Self-Publish (With a Twist)

Turn your creativity & message into a beautiful product that reaches the world.

We will utilize the standards and techniques that traditional publishers use to give your book the exposure that it deserves. 

The course focuses in-depth on these areas:

    • Concept - How to pull out your best work. 
    • Writing - How to stay on track & develop a style. 
    • Editing - What different editors do and how to find one that will enhance your work. 
    • Platform Development - How to gather an audience of readers before your book is out. 
    • Page Design - What to consider and how to know if you need to hire a designer 
    • Cover Design - What makes an exceptional cover and how to collaborate with a designer
    • Typesetting - What is typesetting? And how it affects the cost of your book. 
    • Printing & Distribution - Who are the best printers, do you need a wholesaler? So much to discuss!
    • Marketing - How to send out galleys for review, including templates of everything you need. 
    • Sales - Pre-sales strategy, how to get ongoing sales, what to price your book, etc. 
    • And more that I just can't fit in here! 

What's Included:
The online classes & templates, my recommended resources, four live Q&A sessions, and a private Facebook group. 
All classes and Q&As are recorded and downloadable. 

*Course Enrollment Closed*

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