Intuitive Art Academy

Learn to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self (& more!)

  • “Intuitive Drawing taught me that my true self is way bigger and deeper than I thought. I have been able to overcome my fear to paint and draw. I am keeping intuitive drawing as a compass for my soul.”

    Claudia Cruz

    Founder, Art Massage

  • “Intuitive Art confirms time and again that I carry my own answers within me and shows me both my strengths and vulnerabilities. It also serves as a map showing me the way ahead, what I will be meeting and how to deal with it and find solutions. Its always so practical and helpful.”

    Susanna Odlin

    Creator, Living By Heart

  • “Intuitive Art has taught me how to better trust my intuition. Individual drawings have given me insight or clarity into specific questions. For example, when freaking myself out about business decisions, I can see answers more clearly and calm the heck down. ”

    Deana Hoover

    Art Medium